About us

High Pack was founded in 2002 to meet the needs of folded packaging of the pharmaceutical industry. Since, we have been focusing on the challenges that this industry faces and which have allowed us to steadily grow at producing packaging solutions of high added-value.

This is how it all began for High Pack, with wholesome business thinking and a sustainable business development with one goal in common.


To offer highly competitive integrated folded packaging solutions especially for the pharmaceutical industry by following standards that respect people, the environment, and society with the help of a highly qualified team, cutting-edge technology and continuous improvement with the “passion for detail” that makes us who we are.


To establish firm footing as one of the 5 best producers of high added-value packaging in Mexico and to be acknowledged by our customers for our service, safety, and quality. All this, based on a system of quality management and continuous improvement to achieve sustainability with the help of engaged and professional employees.


Our values provide us a strong foundation for a successful long-term collaboration including traditional values like integrity, sense of belonging, engagement, team work, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, personal development, and respect towards ourselves and the environment.


The environment and our responsibility. Sustainability has become a fundamental part of our corporate policy. We treat nature with respect. We seek to live up to our responsibilities towards society and the environment, within the company as well as outside the company.

High Pack strives to manufacture in an ecological and sustainable way. We make our decisions always based on a long-term vision which we achieve by using resources more efficiently implementing modern technology in machinery and other areas to maximize energy and material efficiency. It is important to us that our raw materials come from controlled forestry to prevent logging. We have been able to reduce the use of water and solvents in order to minimize negative impact on the environment and society. Our company´s philosophy is based on thinking long-term and acting with farsightedness.

Long before the whole world started talking about sustainability it had already become part of our philosophy.

Environmental policy

We are committed to using natural resources efficiently and to finding adequate ways for disposal of dangerous generated waste in order to protect the environment and to fulfill the regulations which since January 2005 have allowed us to become a certified “Clean Industry” company.
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