Los costos para el lanzamiento de un nuevo producto en el negocio farmacéutico son considerables y la función de un empaque secundario es crucial porque además de proveer información importante, proteger al producto de daños o contaminación, su eficacia y seguridad contra la falsificación deben estar garantizados para la protección del paciente.

High Pack ofrece empaques plegadizos secundarios de alto valor agregado bajo estándares internacionales de SEGURIDAD, CALIDAD Y PRODUCTIVIDAD principalmente para el mercado farmacéutico así como también de cosméticos, perfumería, vinos y licores etc.
Due to cost pressure, the complexity of the products, lot sizes, and the increasing number of regulations in the pharmaceutical industry we are specialists at responding to the complex challenges which this market faces, working at high quality standards and with process controls, as well as living up to the strict regulations of the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) for pharmaceutical packaging based on the system of ISO 9001:2008.

Together with highly qualified and creative personnel we work at growing as one of the leaders on the market for secondary pharmaceutical packaging. You can profit from our competitiveness by placing your order with us at High Pack


Guaranteed quality of pharmaceutical manufacture plays a key role due to its direct impact on the health of the consumer. Any defect or false information on the secondary packaging leads to severe consequences and great costs.

Products at High Pack are subject to standardized processes which are defined during manufacture where the customer creates his own profile with all his requirements and specifications in order to achieve better results. The integrated management system guarantees that all requirements will be integrated fully to obtain best quality oriented individually to the customer. All this as a result of the implementation of ISO 9000 as well as the strict regulations of the GMPs. Apart from that we have special Support Teams in charge of approving and monitoring, as well as our control and inspection systems.

Eye-C-Profile: This system scans the printed sheet and compares it with the file authorized by our customer. All characters of the texts as well as barcodes and Pharmacodes, when they have them, are one by one compared faithfully to the original. This system detects printing imperfections like hickeys, ink stains, missing or covered text, etc. This guarantees that what is being printed is exactly what the client ordered with the file he authorized.

When printing is carried out on metalized cardboard we use the Rub Tester testing machine which guarantees rubbing resistance and allows durability of the ink.

For our gluing machinery we use a system that reads the Kurandt code to avoid crossed contamination of materials. Each printed product at High Pack has its own unique code which will be discarded from production if it mixes with others on the gluing machine. The reading machine detects any inconsistency and eliminates it for having a different code.

And last but not least, we own the only gluing machine in Latin America with an Accucheck System. This system is similar to the Eye-C-Profile. Each cardboard is scanned and compared to a standard file. This means that products undergo an inspection of 100%. Apart from rechecking the aspects checked by Eye-C-Profile, Accucheck eliminates crossed contamination, verifies color hues on the carton, scans printing defects and checks registers vs templates. This way the high quality of our products is absolutely guaranteed.


The frequency of audits at our facilities is carried out in accordance with our audit plans which are based on risk analysis of each process. Audits also take place at our warehouses upon arrival of raw materials and when the product is finished.

We are convinced of the client-oriented approach which carrying out audits represents and know that this is the best way to steady improvement in order to be able to fully satisfy the needs of our customers.

To offer the best quality on this market is what High Pack aims at in the first place. We rely on quality standards in accordance with the demand on the pharmaceutical markets, starting with the first consultation to choose the correct substrate, then providing specialized production, and concluding with monitored finishes.

Quality Policy

We are committed to satisfying the needs of our customers and to surpass their expectations providing products and services of 100 % quality by promoting a culture of quality based on continuous improvement and the safety of our processes.